This beach is a beautiful beach with serenity ambiance featured by the amazing underwater view. The underwater scenery can enchant every diver who go for diving. There are beautiful corals and colorful fishes as well as the existence shipwreck from USAT Liberty Ship since 1963 cause of Agung Mount eruption. We can find tropical fishes at this dive spot includes bump head parrot, mola-mola sunfish, hammerhead sharks and whale sharks. Meanwhile, the temperatures of underwater is stable and safe to dive. Therefore, this dive spot is an ideal dive spot for beginner divers. Tulamben Beach is the best place to go for diving, because it has flat lagoons and easy to reach the coral reefs from the coastal edge. Diving at Tulamben Beach will be a great dive experiences for divers where it available great point to dive on diving trips. The experience will be impressible when go for diving to the shipwreck of USAT Liberty. It lies in shallow water and suitable for all certification levels diver. The ship rests in 30 meters of water roughly 25 meters from shore. We can reach it with a short swim from the beach. The highest point of the wreck tops out about 5 meters from the surface. The ship had been torpedoed by the Japanese submarine in 1942 on the sea near Lombok Island. And then, it had been towed to Tulamben Beach on rescue operations.

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